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This is not an ordinary share here on “Short Life Quotes“. I’d like to share something which made me better understand how life should be lived and this is the quote:

An Endless Ripple

This life quote is something which I took from a video which I have chanced to watch yesterday. The day after typhoon Queenie hits my island, I was, once again, being reminded of my purpose in life. God has just channeled it through that video. I never had a good sleep because of the relief efforts we had the other night. In the midst of strong winds and pouring rain, we reached out to people in the different evacuation centers in the island. It was darker compared to how it was during onslaught of Typhoon Haiyan last year because there was a total black out. But the drive to help was there. It was the same drive that fueled us a year ago.

After securing my little twinnies at the house of my parents, we went on with relief packs distribution despite having been injured while we are on our way. The motorcycle crashed in the middle of the street after hitting on a palm of coconut tree. I only had a few bruises but my back-ride Richard who was carrying the packs rolled a few feet from where we crashed. Good enough the packs were slid on a sack so they were not wasted. My brother, who was at the rear portion of the motorcycle was not hurt was the one who picked up us and drove the motorcycle for me. We continued with the distribution without even telling the evacuees of our fate.

I sobbed when I watched the video. Truly, we are here not to build a dam around ourselves to prevent goodness to overflow. We are here to reach out and do little acts of kindness. We need to do this even if no one asks for it. By letting people see caring hands even in the darkest hours of their lives, we are already putting the sun exactly where their dark clouds are. We are already giving them hope which they less likely expect to see. And like what the quote above say, we are creating an endless ripple which comes back to us. God made me see the ripple coming back to me through that video. And by the way here’s the video I am talking about:

Video Credits: Community Chest, Singapore and Care & Share Movement



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