Privacy Policy gives an assurance that information we gather from our audience will not be sold or be released except when: there is a lawful order from the court; and there is consent from the source himself. Without your requisite permission, information will not be given away and we are serious about that.’s database does not distinguish between users who are children or adult. With this in mind, we continue assuring our audience that we will not in any way attempt to collect information from our young audiences. And since we do not control over who comes to our website, we cannot be held responsible for them.

We maintain an archive of log files in order to look at statistical flow of visitors. Our website also uses them to look for errors that we need to correct and to ensure that security is maintained. These files are however deleted after we find the movement of our visitors while on the website. We maintain assurance that the information thus gathered will not be sold to any third party. The information includes IP addresses and we want to let you know that while we collect them, we do not disclose them except when there is lawful order from the court.

You should also know that there may be information from you, like your IP address, which has already been gathered by any of our advertisers. This information is gathered from their cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons for the purposes of measuring the effectiveness of the ads they serve. In case this IP gets to our log files, we only utilize it for reporting purposes like tracking your clicks on the advertisement banners that we serve. We only do this for the purpose of verifying the authenticity of our ad billings. Should we gather information that is specific to a user, we give an assurance that this will not be shared to any of our advertising partners.

ShortLifeQuotes holds high the privacy of our users, registrants and subscribers. This Privacy Policy page wanted to highlight that. The service that we provide here are absolutely free and no registration is required. Users come to our website rather voluntarily but by clicking on the adverts we serve, you may be taken to another web server. For this we cannot be made responsible for the content other sites may provide.

If you have questions to this privacy statement, do not hesitate to Contact Us Here.